2017 Active Commute Week Challenge

Monday, June 12 – Friday, June 16


2017 Organization Winners 

Small (2-50 Employees): Catalyst Partners

Medium (51-200 Employees): Carpe Diem GR

Large (201+ Employees): Calvin College


2017 Individual Winners

Most Trips                                                          Most Miles

Bike: Janine Elliott & Jaimie Weyer (Tie, 23)      Bike: Cheryl VerStrate (236.5)

        Walk: Terry Speese (18)                                Walk: Amy Brundidge (31)

Bus: Daniel Vainner (15)                                       Bus: Terri Kellogg (105)

Carpool: David Koetje & James Zwier (Tie, 16) Carpool: Jim Momeyer (420)


Active Commute Week: Get out of your single-occupant vehicle and walk, ride your bike, take the bus, carpool, long-board, in-line skate, kayak or run to work, school, the store or anywhere else you need to go.

 Companies Register HERE

 Individuals register HERE 

Log Your Active Trips

Participants register and log daily trips through The Rapid’s online West Michigan Rideshare program. Daily prize drawings and awards for those log the most trips and the most miles.



Bike to Work Day Pit Stops

Friday, June 16, 7am – 9am

 Pit Stops Map

Pit Stops all over town welcoming commuters with refreshments and giveaways. Visit multiple Pit Stops on your trip! 

Handlebar Happy Hour

Long Road Distillers

Friday, June 16, 4:30pm – 7:30pm


Our wrap-up party. Challenge winners will be announced. Door prizes.